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WhatsApp Business has left a revolutionary and inventery approach in the business community.The hardship of communication has been wiped away with the invention of technology. In the past days, the only way to communicate with anyone was by letter, telegram and phone. With the invention of keypad phones, messages can be sent with a message app. In Android handsets, the presence of WhatsApp is making communication relaxed with its upgraded communication features.  In WhatsApp messenger, people can communicate anytime and anywhere with family and friends in the wink of an eye.

Reason of popularity:

The instant messaging app gained immense popularity. Meta decided to invent another app named Whatsapp Business to handle any business in an advanced form. WhatsApp Business has 2 billion users until now.

The instant messaging app is used on different continents among various background people. Keeping the conversation private the app provides security between the two particular people engaged in the chat. In the US one in five people uses WhatsApp to communicate. The privacy of communication, quick access ability, and automatic replying ability generated the app’s popularity.

Table of Content:

Let’s see the effects of whatsapp business in the generation. Is it going to represent itseanf asinnovative software? The topics are included following list:

  1. Reason to access.
  2. Way to access WhatsApp Business.
  3. Payment for accessing WhatsApp.
  4. Features


Reason to use Whatsapp business app:

All the features of WhatsApp are present in the WhatsApp business. It is used specifically for business. Meta’s revolutionary invention is WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business is a more provisional and modified app created by Meta besides Facebook, Telegram and Instagram.

How to access Whatsapp Business:

To access the app the individual has to download the app from Google Chrome with the following process:

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Type the particular app name.
  • Download the app

Downloading the app explore it and enjoy your new business journey.

How much to pay for this app:

WhatsApp Business is free. No subscription charges are required to access this app. Various people are using this app without any hesitation.

This app is used by SMEs with its upgraded API version to track the existing sales records of customers.

Features of the app:

This app introduces some best features that generate popularity among people. Let’s  discuss the features of WhatsApp business

  • Create business account
  • Catalog creation
  • Quick Reply
  • Automatic messages
  • Message analytics
  • Short links
  • Contact level

All features stated above have made this app unique and accessible. WhatsApp Business is comfortable for remote business owners. It has a unique feature named end-to-end encryption meaning conversations are limited between two selective people.

1. Business account: Downloading WhatsApp Business The mandatory task is to create a business account. In this account, the individual can share information related to the business. The location, business hours, website link, and email address of the shop are included in that account. It is a way to showcase your legitimate company and also provides an online business card for your company. It enhances the professional image of your business.

Catalogue creation: Catalogue creation is the process of showcasing the products available in your shop. The catalogue shows the details of the products. The owner can use images, texts, and videos to describe any product. Any customer can choose products from the browsing catalogue and add them to a cart. businessWhatsApp business catalogs are only used for verified businesses.

To create a catalog, we have to follow some steps:

  • Go to WhatsApp chat
  • Tap to settings
  • Go to the business tool
  • Choose the catalogue or add any catalogue
  • Tap next
  • Select the catalogue name
  • Press done

The catalogue is also used to promote your products on the online platform. The owner can promote the products in a charismatic and appealing way to track sales and customer engagement. The unsold products will be removed from the collection list and the owner will update the new product details each day by viewing their sales track.

Quick Reply: Any individual running any online business can be asked various repetitive questions. It is hard to answer those questions anytime and anywhere. The business owner can save 50 quick replies to handle the customer. Just press”/” and save more than 50 replies to answer the customer’s questions. To keep in touch with the old or new clients the quick reply option in WhatsApp business is an amazing fact. One can use some hotkeys to build a quick reply chart to communicate with customers without typing the entire reply. Quick reply provides visually appealing, effortless and prominent messages to potential customers.

Automatic reply: The automatic reply option is a revolutionary invention by Meta. A customer can send any quarries anytime. A business owner may not be available each time to reply to the quarries of the customers. They can use the away message option in WhatsApp business to solve the business quarries. The away message option can deliver auto-generated messages to the clients to resolve the quarries. The owner can send any replies including greetings, how to order and many more.

Short links: The short links option in WhatsApp business helps to share the links related to business. To create short links we can follow some steps:

  • Go to business settings
  • Go to tap options
  • A link will be generated regarding your business account.
  • Copy the link and paste it to your website or Facebook pages.

By creating and sharing short links you can enhance your business. By sharing the links a business owner can reach out to a massive amount of audience. A billion users are using WhatsApp business for better communication. They can chat with you after viewing the ads posted on Instagram or Facebook. Use the default chat option from settings>business tool.

Contact level: Using the contact level option one can improvise the existing contact list of his clients. The person related to a particular business can make different chat groups according to the potential customer. To create a contact level one should follow the steps:

  • Go to the menu of the current contact page.
  • Click the new chat level.
  • Click save.

The contact level gives easy access to track the potential customers to enhance the business.

Making payments: Making payments digitally via WhatsApp became popular in remote times. During the pandemic, business was facing huge losses cash transactions almost collapsed and the economic growth of the country was damaged. The digital transaction was one way to save the turmoiled economy of a country. The digital payment process prevents in-hand transactions and makes transactions easier and faster. Both WhatsApp for personal use and business use account holders can make payments in an easier and faster way. The WhatsApp payment methods are accessible in limited countries in Brazil, India and the US. In India WhatsApp payments are authorized by UPI and it enables 160 bank transactions.

Cons of WhatsApp Business: The popularity of WhatsApp business is not enough to consider it a perfect app for communication. The seamless disadvantage can hurt the usage of WhatsApp business.

  • The hassle of using the app in more than five engaged in business.
  • Incapable to access more than 256 people.
  • Limited message automation.
  • No direct integration with Facebook and Instagram.
  • No direct integration with the CRM system.

So 2% of US company uses WhatsApp Business to communicate with their customers.

Conclusion: To reach the next level of your new startup and change the startup into a successful venture WhatsApp business is the finest communicating app. If the barriers to WhatsApp business are creating problems in vastly enhancing the venture, scale up the existing software to improve the problem. Don’t leave the Powerpack app.

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