Share Market Investment In 4 Risky Tricky way to gain explosive profit

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Investment develops the financial growth of human life. Without financial aid,life is like a living hell. To secure a delightful future for a family investment is an important and inseparable factor. Love and trust is the key to a successful marriage,  wise and tricky investment is the key to a stressless future.

A grown-up man’s knack is to invest money in different schemes like fixed deposits, RD’s and others to get a return after a specific time. Compared to the regular schemes the share market investment can provide a high rate of return. Let’s discuss the investing methods of the share market to get a high return. We must know and follow the advise:

Money don’t grow magically. It is earned with sole hard work and should be spend judiciously. ”

What is the Share Market ?

A share market is a trading place of mutual funds, bonds, commodities and others of multiple companies. companies that are willing to sell their schemes to enhance their business, gather to compete in the trading place in the presence of several stock brokers.

What is Investment: Investment is the process to roll a certain amount of money for a limited period to generate a lucrative positive return.An individual can put his money in any venture or can purchase a real estate to get a stable and standard return. The failure of the project may cause a huge loss of the investor. A high-risk investment may yield a high return, while a low-risk investment yields a low return.

“Risk and Return in Investment are two sides of a coin.No Risk No Return like No Pain No Gain.”

The stock broker:  stock brokers are the most important factor in a stock market. Brokers can work individually or can be hired by any finance corporation.

NSE and BSE operate the stock exchanges, update trading commodities daily basis and showcase the listed stocklist -all these activities are regulated by SEBI to maintain the financial discipline of a country.

Reason to invest in the share market: The rapid growth of the share market in India indicates the disciplined financial perspective of teen investors. Investors having a high risk-bearing appetite can invest in the share market freely. For new entrants, it is a bit complex and risky.  By getting a high rate of return on investment in the share market one can improve financial discipline and develop a knack for saving money.

To Invest in the Stock Exchange:

It’s high time to discuss the procedure to investing in the stock market. For new entrants or old entrants, the process is a bit similar.

  • Open a DEMAT account. The account must be connected to an existing bank account.
  • Choose the share or bonds from the authentic trading list. Choose the shares based on the budgets.
  • Choose a stable investment to get a stable return.
  • One will get an application and ®️ no to track the value of shares or bonds they wish to buy.

For Old Entrants: The investment procedures are similar for the old entrants. the previous investment experience diminish the risk factor a little bit. lets’ discuss the procedure for investing in the share market for the experienced one.

  • choose the products according to your budget in your current account.
  • calculate the least risk factor at the time of investment in the share market.
  •  a KYC documentation of your existing bank accounts to the share brokers.
  • once opened an account one can trade shares online via the website or offline via phone call.

How Much It Costs to Invest In Share Market: Some terms and conditions are applicable at the time of investment in the share market. Some charges an individual has to pay to the brokers to invest in the share market. let’s discuss the cost pay.

  1. DEMAT Charges: A broker or a brokerage website doesn’t operate a DEMAT account it is regulated by the central security depositors like NSDL or CSDL. The account information is safeguarded by central authorization. The account holder has to pay a minimum charge of 100 rs. to 500 rs. per annum.
  2. Investment Through Brokers: investment in the share market with the conscience of brokers is sometimes free of cost as they are taking the tenure to facilitate you. Apart from selling or buying products they also collect the taxes and dues on each transaction to the govt. They pay for STTS, GST and SEBI taxes.

These two payment methods are popular in investment. The investment process is important to improve your skill of investment.

Types Of Investment in The Share Market:

Diverse investment shows the presence of diverse investors and their knowledge of investing.

  1. Bonds: Bonds are issued by government or corporate governance to raise funds from investors willing to lend the money for a limited period.  bonds the issuer has to pay the allocated money to the institute. The best bonds in India are Aditya Birla bonds, HDFC bonds, AXIS bank debt bonds, Nippo bonds etc.
  2. Equity:Equity or Stocks are the fractional investors of a large company. The fractional owner is known as a stakeholder. The stakeholders are responsible for generating the growth of the company.
  3. Funds: Funds are the pooled money that is collected from different investors and managed by investment managers. An allocated percentage is distributed to investors against their invested proportion. Two types of Funds: Mutual Funds and Exchange Trade Funds.
  • Mutual Funds: “Mutuala subject to market risk. Read all scheme-related documents carefully
    –  Every mutual fund-related ad shows that awareness-generating statement. A mutual fund is pooled money invested in financial institutions.
  • ETF(Exchange Traded Fund): Exchange Traded Fund tracks the index like Nifty and Sensex. A person buys a unit share in ETF the person buys the entire 50 stocks index stocks. The return on Investment is as same as the index. The Investment cost is lower than the other MFs. It is also known as passive products.

Different types of Investment in 2023: Following the stock research, the share word’ market Cap‘ appears first on the investor’s mind. Market capitalization denotes the value of the company in the market. One company’s market capitalization is 2,0000 crores, one has to pay an equal price to buy all the stocks. The investor can invest in three diverse stock markets according to the budget of investment.

  • Large cap



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