Unvelling Effect OnThe Education System: Online vs Offline with Non preventable Corona

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http://Corona 2020 educationEffects of Corona on Education system is now the talk of the town. Education enlightens knowledge and wisdom of our soul. Food, shelter, and clothing are the necessities to survive, education is also necessary to survive intellectually. The education system has faced difficulties with the outburst of covid19 transmission. The fear of virus transmission has forced the government to close all educational institutes in the entire world to ensure the health of children. More than 1.5 billion students has suffered most during the sudden closure of school.

The closure of all educational institutes has bought uncertainty in student’s lives. All ruling parties in the world enforced immediate lockdown in several countries. WHO has declared corona is a highly transmissible virus that has bought an uncertain pandemic. History has witnessed many types of pandemic in earlier decades; this pandemic has left a disruptive view in entire world. The economical, educational and social development has hampered during the pandamic.

Impact on Education: WHO has declared corona a contagious disease that has been spread in 134 countries within 3 months. Each country has enforced immediate lockdown to contain the spike of Corona. Government officials have stated to stay at home and have focused on the adequacy of medical equipment.  Government also has focused on the availability of beds, masks,disinffectives, handwashes and ppe kits. The immediate closure of the educational institutes led a disruptive disease named depression among the  youngsters.

“Education is the pillar of the society”- remembering the tagline the government has decided to restart the education system in safe and secure way. The government has proposed to continue the teaching process via online mode. Many pivotal question had grabbed the eyeballs of the audience:

  1. Will the government be able to manage the entire online education system?
  2. Will the student of several economical scale be benefitted equally?
  3. Will government rule out some innovative and beneficial alternatives of student’s progress?

Let us take a look at the crisis and epic survival strategy at the time of pandemic.

Definatition of Education: Education is the efficient process to gather information that can help us to built a marvelous and civilized life. Education and schooling are two different things. Education is a process to train the students with innovative and fruitful skills.  Schooling is the process to deliver the skills under the supervision of a skilled and professional faculties named teachers. Teachers are like the armour and students are the armies of a nation.

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