Stress Management-A healthy trick of 2024

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Stress management is a wide range of techniques and psychotherapies to deal with psychological and emotional turmoil, called stress. Stress can develop several health issues, including heart disease, depression, weight loss, aggression issues, fatigue, and headaches. Stress levels and symptoms can strike the human mind from different situations in the near future or the recent past. Only a happy and successful life is the tagline for leading a stress-less life.

A stress-less life is a gift to all human beings. The impact of pandamic has generated disruptive mental and emotional breakdowns in the entire world.

Pandamic-origin stress: COVID-19-led disruptions are visible in all aspects of our lifestyle. The sudden closure of schools and workplaces and miscommunication between friends and colleagues have caused unusual stress in children and youth. Let’s draw a line to overcome the uncontrollable problem and discuss some techniques to prevent it in this blog.

  1. Is there any reason behind the origin of stress?
  2. Will the stress be manageable in the near future?
  3. Are there any tricks to identify stress?

History and Invention:

Wales Cannon and Seyle have applied the stressors to animals to view certain psychological responses on their health.These two scientists have implied some external stressors, like temperature changes, surgical methods, and other related restraints, and compared them to human psychology.

Richards and Holmes have viewed stress has developed from uncontrollable external pressures contained in a median level. The extreme imbalance between aspiring demands and the capability of fulfillment raises tensions in the human mind. That is the origin of stress.

Reasons for Stress: The demands of an innovative lifestyle, the presence of disposable income, and the dream of a sophisticated lifestyle are signs of a competitive social system. A deficiency of resources may prevent the fulfillment of aspiring demands.  The stress may arise from this further reason. Many scientists thought external stressors were responsible for the uncontrollable stress. Recent studies claim that stress is not the negative response to stressors; it is one’s excessive pressures and perceived inability to cope.

  • Conflict in family /workplace.
  • Mental imbalance in workplace
  • Constant bullying from seniors.
  • Time management issues.
  • Unhealthy diet chart.
  • Conflict in company policies
  • Overworking
  • Unsustainability of job placement.
  • Conflict in company policy.

These stress levels may be countered in a medium to moderate level. Stress management skill is required to get a healthy life.

Process of Stress Management,According to the Doctor: The concept of stress and its impact on physical and psychological health has gradually grabbed attention in conventional society. The increasing turmoil over mental and physical health has forced medical representatives to explore the myriad factors necessary to resolve the problem.

  • Autogenic Training: The training is a traditional practice for the patient to neutralize stress and get a cool,calm mind. The therapy is a self-esteemed exercise to control the autonomous nervous system. It reduces the possibilities of heart attacks,  breathing issues,high blood pressure, and sleeping difficulties.
  • Cognitive therapy is a psychological therapy to minimize depression and anxiety. The counselor develops some conversations with the patient during the counseling session to eliminate the negative thoughts from the patient’s mind.
  • Reading Novels and stories: reading is the best method to get the fresh mind. Reading is the best habbit for overcoming negative emotions.
  • Listening to Music: Listening to music helps one combat the negative thoughts appearing randomly in the individual’s mind.
  • Participate in Comic activities joining a laughter class and get a consequent counseling for stress management.
  • Meditation and Yoga: yoga sessions are  helpful to reduce stress.
  • Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises help reduce the sudden body temperature hike. It neutralizes the possibility of high blood pressure, asthma, and heart issues.

All these activities can help us to reduce stress and improve our health.




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