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Debjani Kundu
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Blockchain Of Astrazeneca plays a pivotal role in maintaining data transparency, rendering the tamparment and improving and guaranteeing the efficiency and dependency of clinical research program.

Trust, Safety and innovative clinical techniques are non-ignorant  and non-negligable part in any pharmaceutical industry. Several scandals and fraudulent in medical industry is happening in recent days, blockchain can eliminate the fraudulent activities with the help of data integrity.

With the constant circulation of the news, the trust of any individuals is dwindling to no end. ‘Trust is paramount;there’s a lot of times it’s extended not for asking much in return’-Philip Runyan said in the meeting of  bitcoin association.

Reason for the incorporation of Blockchain: 

AstraZeneca has partnered with kangtai in 2020 to supply covid 19 vaccine in a consistent and efficient way to contain the outbreak of the virus.  Kantai the director of a renowned Chinese pharmaceutical company is engaged in several infamities like fabrication in infant death records, legal battles, bribing for illegal drugs approval. The plunging trust of people can be revived with a cosequent, transparent and efficient management system named blockchain.

Containing the curbs of fraudulent and fabrication and regaining the trust of a user necessary in pharmaceutical industry in recent years. The constant outbreak of these types of news are tampering the trust of several users. philip Runyan has come up with the innovative approach Incorporation Of Blockchain’ to combat all the trust issues.

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