Neuralink – the innovative humanoids of 2024

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Neuralink is the most revolutionary invention of 20th century. In ancient times, people believed that one’s mind and thoughts is unintelligible and the invention of nuralink has proved the theory wrong. Neuralink was founded on 2020 with the ambitious innovative thinking of Elon Musk and seven scientists.

The big bang theory of Brain and computer interface (BCI) has introduced a new world of transhumans digital layered cortex. The thread like chip named electrodes is inserted in human brains with robotic surgery. The sewing machine like chips is installed in the brain to read the information from rat lab. Let’s cultivate the new innovative technique to create a new robotic world. A real inquisitor is always curious to know any innovative analytical topics. The following question may appear in the reader’s mind:

  1. Will human thoughts ever be controlled technologically?
  2. Will the cosequent allegations against neuralink dwindling public trust?
  3. Can technology overpower nature? Will it create coalition between nature and technology?

Brief of the company: Neuralink has founded in 2017 with the collaboration of Elon Musk and seven neuroscientists. The company has hired multiple scientists cum engineers from several top universities. The headquarters of the company is in San Francisco. The company of Elon Musk has launched nuralaces to treat the short term brain illness.

In 2020, the trials and test of nuralink has been conducted on several pirates and the company has planned to implant the electrodes chips in human brains in 2023.  In The recent announcement the company is claiming the spectacular speedy recovery of the paitent.

The mysterious and uncertain death of pirates is emerging questions regarding the invention’s accuracy and future. The emerging rumors are creating buzz around the world. Some former scientists have claimed the ambitious invention is the combination of ‘ culture of blame and fear’. Some former anonymous scientists claimed the CEO of the company is valladiatind the statement against the allegations.

Technology: Neuralink has maintained a scrutinized security and secrecy regarding the invention. The world is going to witness a marvelous blend of nature and technology with the invention of nuralink.

In 2020, the company showcased a monkey that can play video games and scroll the cursor on the monitor following the instructions of installed electrodes in their brains.

The surgical robots are there to perform the surgery. The scientists claimed that they have engineered a special robot to perform all the surgeries. The innovative technological journey has started with the simultaneous collaboration of three magnificent components

Probes, Robots and electronic

Probes:The probes composed of biocompatible particles named polymids , that are made of gold and platinum conductors. Each probes contains 48 to 96 wires. It can locate the electric signal in brain and sensory area that can help the amplification and acquisition of brain signal with electric system.

Robots: The specially designed robot is used to perform the surgery. Each robot contains 40um needles that is made of tungsten-rehenium. These specific robots are used to minimize the surgical issues including damaged tissues,membranes damages and looping spaces in brain during surgeries. The robot can insert individually operating multiple electrodes at a moment that can read all instructions simultaneously and accurately.

Will human thoughts be controlled technologically: Elon Musk have announced that the electrode inserted paitent can move mouse only with their thoughts. The claims are forcing to rewrite the ancient thoughts. It is definitely a think

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