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Eliminating Racism From Educational Institution in India 2024

Elimination of racism in educational institution has become the most challenging task

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

Neuralink – the innovative humanoids of 2024

Neuralink is the most revolutionary invention of 20th century. In ancient times,

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

Cryptocurrency-The Power To Generation Of 2024

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is used to make online payments.

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

Porters Five Forces Of TESCO

Porters 5 forces of TESChttp://Tesco plays a pivotal role in analyzing the

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

Blockchains of AstraZeneca

Blockchain Of Astrazeneca plays a pivotal role in maintaining data transparency, rendering

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

Value Chain Analysis Of Tesla

The value chain analysis of Tesla is profoundly important to establish it

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

Supply Chain Management Amazon: The largest E-Commerce hub

Supply Chain Management of Amazon refers to the entire flow and transformation

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

Stress Management-A healthy trick of 2024

Stress management is a wide range of techniques and psychotherapies to deal

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

Chandrayaan 3- The Ultimate success Of Indian History

Chandrayaan-3 is the first Indian spacecraft that has touched the surface of

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

Unvelling Effect OnThe Education System: Online vs Offline with Non preventable Corona

http://Corona 2020 educationEffects of Corona on Education system is now the talk

Debjani Kundu Debjani Kundu

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