Chandrayaan 3- The Ultimate success Of Indian History

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Chandrayaan-3 is the first Indian spacecraft that has touched the surface of moon. India, the developing country has showcased their achievements in each and every aspects like social, astrological and economical, now it is demonstrating its achievement in astronomy with the historic launch of chandrayaan3.The successful soft  launch of chandrayaan-3 has defined the new acheivement of astronomy in world. The chandrayaan exploration at the south pole of moon is a significant moment in our nation’s history and a eye grabbing moment for global interest.It has become a national pride and began the new journey towards the modern astronomy.

What is chandrayaan programme?

Chandrayaan programme is the historic project of indian aerospace that demonstrates the flawless landing of rover on moon surface.

  • It is the third attempt of chandrayaan programme, launched successfully on 14th july.
  • It enterd flawlessly in lunar orbit on 5th august. In 2019, the first chandrayaan launch was unfortunately failed. The chandrayaan 2 lander and rover was crashed in the way to the south pole of the moon.

The chandrayaan3 has deployed on the surface of the moon escaping from wider orbit of earth to lunar orbit of the moon. The successful launch of chandrayaan-3 has been described as “the new era of indian odyssey”.

Demonstration of launch: The historic launch of chandrayaan 3 is the demonstration of three different innovative technologies.

  1. It demonstrates the smooth and flawless landing on the south pole.
  2. It demonstrates the lander and rover movement on the surface.
  3. It conducts the in-site experiment.

Chandrayaan 3 programme


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