Eliminating Racism From Educational Institution in India 2024

Debjani Kundu
Debjani Kundu  - Content writer trainee in CIA
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Elimination of racism in educational institution has become the most challenging task for the educational leaders. The consequent upsurge of racism in education institutions is clearly vigilant and the victims of racial discrimination are facing social and moral brutality. In 2020, the unfortunate and uncertain deaths of plenty minor and adolescent students in U.S led a prowess movement, named “Black Lives Matter”.

The revitalization of the movement has grabbed the entire spotlight of the world . The resillience and determination of the activists in getting justice have forced the administrations and government to enact and enforce new upgraded regulations in educational institution to prevent the crimes. Let’s discuss the disruptive effects of racism in educational institutions.

Racism in one word: Racisim denotes the inequality in human rights and back lashing any particular religion of any specific country. Educational institutions are considered to be the holiest place for the development of the next generation.

Equality in mental strength is more acceptable, appropriate and appreciated approach than the equality in physical beauty and strength to be in a respectful profession.

“Black people are also human beings and they also holds the same human rights to lead a peaceful life.” The castism, racism is a conventional way to draw a line between  different religions and communities.

It’s quite unfortunate that the ominous virus of racism is still present in developing and modern countries in this era.

Effects of Racism in Education:

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