Value Chain Analysis Of Tesla

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The value chain analysis of Tesla is profoundly important to establish it the most efficient and dominating electric vehicle company in the entire world. The prominent value chain management of Tesla is significantly vigilant in its successful business model. The value chain management enhances the value of a product from assembling, manufacturing to delivering the good at consumer’s doorstep. The valuation of a product relies on its manufacturing, desired operation, distribution, customer’s satisfaction, and customer’s recommendation. Sales services always provide a new perspective to entrepreneurs regarding any new product. The amalgamation of primary and secondary activities of value chain management of Tesla has multiplied its skyrocketing growth.

Background Of  Tesla: 

From an ambitious startup company to a massive electric vehicle industry, Tesla has reckoned an incredible revenue in each year with its innovative value chain management. The value chain analysis of Tesla is descriptively comprehended in Michel Porter’s ‘Competitive Advantage’. Tesla Inc. manufactures models S3, X, Y and solar-powered devices that control the excessive emissions of CO2 and NO2. Tesla has regular revenue of 199.4 billion USD and its has earned revenue of 31,198 million USD back in 2020.

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